Blue Aura v30 Blackline - Hybrid Vacuum Tube Amplifier and Speaker Set


Blue Aura continues their trend of bringing interesting and aesthetically-pleasing products to the market with their new Blackline v30 Hybrid Vacuum Tube Amplifier package. This unique and beatifully-crafted offering from Blue Aura combines the amplification technology of old with a Digital to Analog Conveter (DAC) to provide an alternate listening dimension for any audio source. Read on to find out what is unique about the Blackline v30 and who might be interested in making a part of their audio arsenal. 




The Hybrid Vacuum Tube Amplifier

For music lovers who want to hear their compressed digital source devices in true analog form, the v30 will not fail to deliver, courtesy of the high quality in-built DAC and audio valves.  The v30 has two 20W vacuum tube amplifiers, but it's the striking beauty of the v30 itself that adds a designer touch to any room.  Much of the body is covered in a glitzy chrome finish, nicely complemented by black side panels.

The front features large chrome knobs, allowing user volume control and switching between sound sources.  Surrounded by two-tiered rack with chrome handles on either side, the two glowing 6N1 audio processing valves and 6E2 meter tube peek up through the top panel.  The glowing green bar of the meter tube adds to its retro charm.

Weighing in at over 7.5 pounds, the amplifier has a frequency response of 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 1.5dB.  The rear of the unit has three external source inputs for digital devices such as a laptop, smartphone, iPod or computer.  There's a RCA, USB mini B, and 3.5mm mini jack for connecting digital sound sources, or analog stereo input and it also has a headphone output.  The amplifier arrives complete with two speakers, remote control and quality cabling, adding the WSTxR wireless transmitter and receiver kit enables the audio to be sent from a source device to the v30 wirelessly.


The Speakers

The audio engineers and designers at Blue Aura have worked hard to ensure the amplifier and speakers are both sonically and aesthetically matched.  Encased in matching black faux leather highlighted with white stitching, the two-way bass reflex speakers are comprised of a low frequency 3.5 inch paper cone and high frequency 3/4 inch soft dome tweeter, with a frequency response of 55Hz - 20kHz.  At 5.5 pounds, the elegant, matching speakers fit almost anywhere with a 7 inch height, just over 6 inch depth and 4.5 inch width.


Make it Wireless with Blue Aura Accessories

The WSTxR wireless transmitter and receiver kit is available now.  The transmitter will send an audio signal from any source device with a headphone jack, RCA line out to the Blue Aura speakers fitted with a signal receiver.  Simply connect the transmitter directly to a PC or MAC via the USB plug.  The computer identifies the transmitter as a USB headset and sends music to the active speakers within a 100-foot range.  The analog input also allows any stereo audio source to be fed via the transmitter to the wireless speakers.  The WSTxR can turn virtually any powered speaker into a wireless speaker.



Model v30
Description Hybrid Vacuum Tube Amplifier
Includes Amplifier, 2 Passive WS30 Speakers, 2 Rubber Stands, and Remote Control
Product Height 5 1/2"
Product Width 10"
Product Depth 7 7/8"
Number of Speakers per Package 2, Passive
Number of Stands per Package Rubber Stands
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz +/- 1.5dB
Tweeter 3/4" Soft Dome
Woofer 3 1/2" Paper Cone
Crossover Frequency 12dB/Octave @3.0KHz
Amplifier Power 20W Per Channel
Amplifer Type Vacuum Tube 6n1x2 6e2x1
Wireless Wirelss Ready
Wireless Range 100ft
Remote Control Included
Impedance 4 / 8 Ohm
Enclosure MDF Enclosure Covered in Faux Leather
Grille Aluminum

Description and specifications courtesy of Blue Aura v30 Blackline Product Webpage


Included in the Package

Blue Aura v30 Blackline Accessories

The Blue Aura v30 Blackline package includes the 40W (20W per channel) tube amplifier, two passive WS30 speakers, a number of cables for audio source connection (more detail later), stands/isolation mounts for the speakers, a remote, and a nice pair of white cotton gloves (serious), and a cool little "Blue "Aura v30 Blackline" pin.

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