Solio Clip-Mini Solar & USB Rechargeable LED Light Review



Solio Clip Mini

Solio Clip Mini Button SideSolio Clip Mini USB Charging Port

The shell of Solio's Clip Mini is a sturdy transparent plastic.  The body is actually rock solid because the shell is comprised of hollow plastic sections which keep it light but sturdy.  One side shows through to the solar panel which measures in at about 1.75x3 inches.  the other side is fashioned from a semi-transparent red plastic which gives a nice contrast.  The battery and circuitry can be seen through the sides and somewhat through the red plastic.  On the inner loop is a firm latch which allows the plastic insert to be lifted out if you ever need to replace the battery, and you don't even need a screw driver to do it. 


The hook loop is very strong and will withstand some serious abuse without flinching.  The metal latch has a satisfyingly firm spring which will snap shut reassuringly on your bag or wherever you plan to carry it.  The USB charging port is protected and concealed under a firm rubber plug which rotates out of the way when you need to top it off.  The large rubber power button, made of soft rubber, sits in the middle of the red plastic piece.  A single push gives you 100% continuous brightness, a second continuous at 50%, and a third continuous at 10%.  The fourth push gives a steady flash at full brightness, the fifth a pre-programmed S-O-S flash at full brightness, and the sixth turns it back off.  Simple as that.  A red lid with diffused plastic similar to that seen on bike reflectors can be rotated up so that you get a simple white LED beam as a flashlight.



Solio Clip Mini ChargingSolio Clip Mini Lights

The micro-USB cable provided can be used to charge the Solio Clip Mini, and a little green LED lights up to let you know when electrons are flowing into it, and it turns off when fully-charged.  The lights give off a very well focused and intense beam, and there's surprisingly little light bleed despite being in a mostly-clear case.  It makes a very capable flashlight, and because it's focused relatively tight, can be used at relatively large distances, which is great for camping and the outdoors in general.  The red lens diffuses the light nicely, and red light is good for night time viewing without dilating your eyes.  Being diffused means it acts as a great emergency bike or jogging light that won't glare or blind the vision of drivers of cars, other bikes, or pedestrians.

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