AudioFly AF78 Dual Driver Earphones Review - Design



The AF78 features a Cordura brand Nylon outer sheath covering a braided cable for maximum durability.  The cabling is soft and flexible, and the thicker cables provide a better feel than the narrower AF45 cords with Audiflex cabling.  Cable strain reliefs at the earphone attach points, and Comply foam tips (shown above) are included. There is one extra pair of Comply foam tips and the rest are standard faire silicon. You can see that these headphones are larger than most, having almost two distinct sections. 



You can see that the port of the earphones are made of micro-machined plastic which meshes nicely with the outer shell.  The upper half covering the port has a light gold color which provides a subtle, but nice contrast to the rest of the black outer casing and tips.  The build quality is fantastic, and there's no creak to be found whatsoever.  The Audiofly logo is neatly laid to one side of the port, with the holes apparently radiating out from it.



Both earphones are labeled for their respective ear usage. However, due to the unique shape of these earphones, you will recognize immediately if they are in the wrong ears (the correct orientation is comfort in it's purest form while the other is more awkward than a first kiss).  In fact, it's almost impossible to fit these into the wrong ears, but the large clear labling will save the extra couple of seconds of fumbling you might have without it.



The relatively large port is covered by a wire mesh to keep debris out of the sound port, and enables easier cleaning when ear wax inevitably builds up.



As stated previously, the cable is braided and covered in Cordura brand Nylon, referred to as Audioflex cable. The cable is flexible, resists tangling, but at times can be a bit resilient.  Naturally, the standard audio interface connection is gold plated to ensure maximum conductivity with your device.



The included case resembles a mint tin and will likely offer more protection than you would ever need for these, as if the five year warranty wasn't enough.


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+1 # rol 2012-09-06 05:07
Pretty accurate review. Excellent iem's indeed. 8)