Edifier Prisma e3350 2.1 PC Audio System Review - Design



Edifier Prisma Subwoofer BottomEdifier Prisma Subwoofer Inputs

As previously mentioned, these speakers are meant to catch your eye. The sleek, modern look of the Edifier Prisma speaker system seems to be primarily intended as a compliment to your living space (more on that later) or Apple device. The subwoofer, shown above, resembles a shiny silver triangular solid which has been laterally sectioned approximately 1/6 of the way from its most upward vertice and then internally pressurized to the point of outward expansion (except for the bottom). It's kinda neat and almost looks like a sculpture piece.  The power button rests on the top face and is surrounded by a glossy black rounded triangle.


The port for the subwoofer is cleanly placed around the base of the subwoofer, and isn't visible unless flipped on its side. Several small rubber feet help damp the sub vibrations and keep it from sliding.  The subwoofer has the volume control cable expansion port and the input connections are close but off to one side of the base.



Edifier-Prisma SideEdifier-Prisma bottom

The speakers, or "satellites" as referred to in the specs, share a similar shape with the subwoofer with a tall, skinny, triangular profile. They consist of both a midrange driver and a tweeter, and are just a little taller than the subwoofer.  the tops have a similar glossy black color with a faint logo on the otherwise clean piano-black plastic.  The bottoms have a clean grey anti-slip pad to keep them from sliding around on your desk or tabletop.


Edifier-Prisma-Remoteinput output edifier primsa

The volume control is naturally-themed, just like the rest of the set, and it plugs into the base of the subwoofer via an expansion cable.  A pass-through connection for a headphone or microphone is found on the side of the volume control.  The control pad has the same type of grip-pad as the satellites.



The volume control and the top of the subwoofer surrounding the power button are spiced up with a diffused red LED, which we were also happy wasn't too bright.  The volume dial is very smooth and feels well-built, not unlike the one we've seen on their S330D.

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