Arctic Sky Rider 111 Radio-Controlled Bird Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

Arctic's Skyrider 111 did a great deal to silence some of my skepticism.  It flew much stronger and more stably than I ever thought it would.  It's still twitchy, but it'll climb like crazy and glide gracefully.  Out of the box it worked as good as you could hope, although some might be frustrated that you'll probably never be able to fly this through doorways and land on tables reliably, it's simply too twitchy, and a bit unpredictable, much in the same way as all flapping-winged flying toys.  The small elevators do allow you to adjust how the bird will fly and turn, which allowed us to dial it in for indoor flight, or even just some fun gliding.  The foam construction is sturdy, and we intentionally abused it a bit, and the most concerning thing we saw was that the plastic "beak" can be rather loud when it smacks into a hard surface, otherwise it bounces off obstacles harmlessly.




The Skyrider 111 can be found for around $30, which is on-par with most micro-R/C toys.  However, I have to say that the micro-sized helicopters are remarkably stable and controllable little machines, and they can be found having metal construction for around $20-25.  While they don't have much horizontal speed like you'll see the Skyrider have, they can be used much more easily indoors, where the Skyrider is essentially limited to anyway (unless you have incredible patience to wait for a perfectly still day).  If you have a large living room or easy access to a gym or other open indoor space, you might have more fun with the Skyrider, because it's a generally faster toy and has less precision required for close indoor quarters.  However, if you like the ability to have rather precise control and want to save $10, a micro helicopter is probably a better bet. 

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