Arctic Sky Rider 111 Radio-Controlled Bird Review



Who wouldn't like to experience the thrill of flying a radio-controlled aircraft in their own backyard? While taking up such a hobby is often cost prohibitive for young flyers, possibly the largest barrier to getting in the air for the first time is the fear of turning your creation into a crumpled wreck. Arctic, best known for their PC cooling solutions, has come up with an entertaining toy that anyone can fly, the radio-controlled Sky Rider 111. This is the smallest of flapping-winged R/C flying toys we've gotten our hands on, and it'll be interesting to see how it does!


Glide in the sky freely with Sky Rider 111. With this remote-controlled bird, you can learn how to fly easily without being afraid of breaking it when it falls. The lightweight Sky Rider 111 can bear all kinds of landings and thus, perfect for beginners of all age groups. Great for picnics and flying in your backyard, the Sky Rider 111 will become the center of the attention among your friends and bystanders!


Navigate Precisely

With a propeller in its tail, Sky Rider 111is capable to navigate precisely. The wing design allows even beginners to keep the bird stable in the air and fly exactly where they want it to go.


Durable Design

Do not belittle the Polyfoam structure. This material not only enhances the bird's flight performance, but it also comes with an unparalleled weight-strength ratio which makes the bird survives rough landings and hard knocks.



Factory pre-assembled, the Sky Rider 111 is all set to play straight out from the box. The instant flying characteristic is great for fliers to enjoy the freedom of flying indoors and outdoors any time you want.


Quick Charging

The Sky Rider 111 comes with four high capacity AA rechargeable batteries for the transmitter which allow you to charge the bird 25 times wherever you are - completely independent of a power outlet. All you need to do is charge it for 15-20 minutes and your bird will be soaring high in no time.









Transmitter Battery 4 x HR6/AA
Sky Rider Batteries 3.7V-70mAH Li-Po
Charging Time 15-20 min
Flying Time 5-8 min
Frequency 27.145 MHz
Net Weight 14 g
Control Distance 10-20 m
Item Number TOAHO-AHB0100-GB
Gross Weight 0.7 kg


*Product information and specification courtesy of Arctic


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