Blue Aura WS80i Wireless Active Speaker System Review



UK-based audio company Blue Aura is making its emergence into the US market and delivers a unique audio offering with the WS80i Wireless Active Loudspeaker System. They look good, and they sound even better. Read on for my full review of this unique product from Blue Aura.


Whether you are considering buying a new Hi-Fi or replacing your old one, the WS80i wireless system will fit all of your needs and more.

Stylish looks coupled with a luxurious finish combine with stunning performance to make the WS80i stand out in its field. Uniquely the system also offers flexibility as the audio signal from your source device can be sent wirelessly to the loudspeakers located anywhere in your home. These are active loudspeakers, no need for external amplification as the amplifier is integral to the loudspeaker.



What exactly does it do?

This wireless speaker system has been designed to offer flexibility. The quality of the audio transmission is ideal for those wishing to use the speakers as their main source of listening. For example, by using the transmitter connected to a CD player, the signal can be sent wirelessly to the active speakers situated in "conventional" loudspeaker positions. Alternatively you may wish to locate the speakers elsewhere in the home and use with a laptop or MP3 player. 

So is it completely wireless?

Not quite, as the loudspeakers have built in amplification each speaker has to be connected to mains power, apart from that no wires!. Our system uses STS wireless technology operating at 2.4GHz with a sampling rate of 48.1 KHz (excepted CD quality). It is extremely robust and is not prone to interference from microwave ovens, telephones or wireless networks. 

The WS80i wireless system is supplied with two active speakers, a transmitter and multi-function remote control plus all the necessary accessories to enable you to listen to your favourite music.



As both WS80 speakers are fitted with a signal receiver there are no interconnecting wires, as with conventional speaker set ups. This ensures a clean, wire free solution for your home or office. Signal range is up to 25 meters

Compliment your WS80 loudspeakers by placing them on specifically designed stands for optimum listening position. Available in black or white and incorporating (mains) cable management features.



Power: 2x25W + 2x25W Digital Class D

Frequency range: 45Hz - 22kHz  

Crossover frequency: 3kHz

Cabinet dimensions: H:235 W:150 D:215mm 

Weight: 4Kg each

Description,features, and specifications courtesy of WS80i Product Website



DSC 1293

DSC 1297DSC 1298

The WS80i Wireless Loudspeaker System comes in a fairly compact, well designed package. Everything in the package fits nicely in its own space, utilizing a combination of Styrofoam cutouts and small boxes. Along with the two loudspeakers, the package contains the power cables and transformer/rectifier bricks, an instruction manual, remote control (with battery), the transmitter, an audio converter cable (RCA to 1/8" stereo), a standard 1/8" stereo cable, and a USB to AC wall outlet converter (used to power the transmitter when the audio source has no USB capability, more on that later). Note that the units we received for testing were black, even though our box seemed to indicate they would be white. The units are available in both colors with optional matching speaker stands, according to Blue Aura's website.

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