AudioFly AF45 Earphones Review - Design


The AudioFly AF45 is available in four different color schemes. The ones shown above are designated "White Knight", a combination of white and black reflective plastic.  Other color options include "Stout Black" (an all black version), "Extra Virgin" (a deep olive green and silver combination), and "Brown Sound" (a brown and silver combination). Asthetically, theses earbuds look sleek, elegant, and attractive. While they likely won't be a large enough part of your look to affect whatever fashion statement you're trying to make, they certainly won't hurt you.


The port holes in the back of the earbud are one design AudioFly should be credited on.  Many earphone designs are (aesthetically) limited because of the need for a driver port.  AudioFly lasercut many small symmetrically-oriented port venting, which is an elegant solution to a problem with many potential solutions.  The AudioFly "a" is neatly inlaid in the center of the rear bezel, for a dash of brand recognition.  Many little details are to be found, including the "braille markers" for the right earbud, for identification by feel, which is a nice touch. 



As shown above with the silicon tip removed, the color scheme covers the whole body of the earphone and the sound port grille is marked with the proper channel.  The metal grille is something we've come to expect from all higher-quality earphones.  The anchors, as we'll see in other parts of the earbud, are longer than you'll see in many headphones, which is done to provide a more secure attachment for the slim cables.  The plastics are very sturdy, and the annodized alloy rear caps are securely bonded to the earphone body.  They don't creak or wiggle when stressed, and for plastic earphones, feel rock solid.




The left and right channel wire coupling shown above will vary to match the color scheme that you choose, and will add to the durability of the set, as the wire junction is often found to be a critical area for future durability issues.  The AudioFlex cable is impressively thin and is great from a durability standpoint, as they'll minimize fraying or cracking that rubbized cabling often experiences.  We did find that the cable is a bit stiffer than many rubber cables, which does have the benefit of reducing how easily they'll tangle up.  At the same time, however, the rigidity does mean that the cable sometimes became hard to straighten out after spending some time in our pockets.




The AF45 features a gold-plated 1/8" stereo connector for a good low-resistance connection and a relatively long anchor to secure the AudioFlex cable. 

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