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A mid-level earphone offering from AudioFly's "AF" series, the AF45 delivers everything you would expect in a modern earbud, without hurting the pocket book too badly. The AF45 is the second in a series of four "AF" headphones, between the lower priced AF33 and higher priced AF56. Read on to see more of these headphones and get my opinion on how they perform.


You lament the demise of vinyl. But you have to admit it's easier to commute with an MP3 player than a record player. The AF45 Series is for the music crazed guy or girl about town. You don't have to sacrifice the nuances, depth and richness of your favorite tracks for mobility. Our 11mm dynamic driver has an extended range for tight, chunky lows, resonant mids and clean, bright highs. Never miss a beat with a massive sound that's full and detailed.



  • Custom voiced 10.7mm dynamic driver for superb detail across the dynamic range.
  • Noise isolating In-Ear design, for up to 23db noise attenuation.
  • 4 sets of Silicon ear tips mold to your ears for better isolation and better sound.
  • Clear-TalkTM- available on all AF45m models. We've split the mic from the mechanics of the button for better voice transmission during conversations, so you only need to say it once to be heard!
  • AudioflexTM tangle free braided round cable for superior strength and abrasion resistance.
  • Audiofly Storage Tin with plush velvet lining for roadworthy protection for your buds.


Driver Type11mm Dynamic Driver

Custom voiced 11mm driver for beautifully balanced bass, round mids and a crisp high end that chimes like a church bell.

Magnet TypeNeodymium

Audiofly headphones use a neodymium magnet for longevity; the alloy has a unique crystalline structure that has a greater resistance to being demagnetized.

Frequency Range18-20KHz

Audiofly's 11mm driver has an expanded bottom end for a rich bass response blended seamlessly with precision in the mid and upper frequencies.

Cable Length1.2m

All Audiofly cables have a 1.2 meter/4' cable length. We run 35cm/14

Plug Type3.5mm gold plated

We use gold plated plugs not because they look good, but because gold is the best conductor with the greatest resistance to corrosion giving you better sound transmission that is durable.

Impedance16 Ohms

The AF45's 11mm driver has a low impedance of 16 Ohms. This is ideal for low powered devices like iPods® and iPhones® giving enough headroom so they have no trouble producing plenty of volume.

Sensitivity118dB at 1kHz

At a rating of 118dB, our drivers have a higher than average sensitivity. This means they are efficient with the power they use and don't need to be driven as hard to sound their best, making them ideal for modern portable music players.

Description, features, and specifications courtesy of AF45 Product Webpage


AF45 Box (Front)AF45 Box (Back)

AF45 Contents

As we've seen with many earphones today, AudioFly has included a carrying case for tangle-free transport that should also help prolong the lifetime of your earbuds by reducing stress, and at the very least, gives you a nice-looking container to store your eabuds in.


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