Arctic Charger PRO 4 Charging Station w/Cable Organizer Review - Break- Testing and Final Thoughts


We used the Arctic Charger extensively over the past several months, and the good news here is no news.  It works as you would expect, for each individual device.  The organizer worked great on a shelf near my desk where I place my phone, tablet, and any other USB devices I'd like to charge, like a portable battery unit like Arctic's Solar Charger.  The included extensions made cable management and routing superbly easy, and we're glad Arctic went the extra mile in that regard.


The 2.1A ports charged tablets every bit as fast as the stock ones they came with, which allows you to leave your cables neatly packed in your bag so you can have it with you on the go, and leave the Arctic Charging Station organized at your desk.  Even with all four ports charging simultaneously, I was actually rather surprised how cool the charger stayed.  It got a bit warm to the touch, as expected, but nothing worrisom.

Final Thoughts

For a simple plug-in USB charger, Arctic has put some thought into their Charging Station.  The unit itself is rather attractive and is well-built.  The inclusion of 6ft USB extensions for cable management is something Arctic could definitely have skipped and gotten away with it, and the base does a great job at keeping the cables neatly in place when not in use.



It doesn't run particularly warm when under full load, and charges even tablets as quickly as their included chargers.  The Charging Station frees up those stock chargers to have on-the-go while leaving the Charging Station neatly setup at your desk.  It's also nice that Arctic has included extra folding plugs for international usage, which also makes it great for travel.  One charger instead of the variety you may have with your small army of devices.  The only thing we would like to see is a label next to the respective ports for their various amperages of each port, instead of having to refer to the user's manual.  Given a number of potentially cheaper options, $30 for the charging station is a bit high.  But considering the brick and mortar store price would be around the same amount for a stock charger, it's a pretty good deal.  Getting two ~6ft extensions is a nice thing to have, being able to replace four chargers at once, having a more organized overall setup is always satisfying, and also receiving the organizer is icing on the cake.



Overall, the Charging Station is a great way to clear up that cluttered desk, or be the all-in-one travel solution for all of your USB-charged devices.  One plug to charge them all.

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