Arctic Charger PRO 4 Charging Station w/Cable Organizer Review



The typical techie or mobile professional these days now has an armada of portable electronics at their disposal.  One thing that results, a cluttered bag and/or desk littered with a variety of plugs and cables, all of which tend to be USB nowadays.  I, for one, was left looking for a better way to manage the diminishing number of available outlets near my bed where I like to charge my portable devices.  That's why when I saw Arctic's latest charging station, I requested to have a look.

Arctic's Take


Forget the need for multiple wall chargers, undoing tangled cables or longer cable length. The Charging Station can solve all your problems. The Charging Station is the perfect solution, it is a combo that contains one Charger PRO 4 multiple USB charger, one Cable Organizer and two USB Power Extension Cables. The Charger PRO 4 can fast charge up to four devices all at once, with its small and light profile, it is designed to let you take it everywhere. Take the advantage of the Cable Organizer to manage up to 4 cables orderly on your desk to untangle your cables nightmare.


Charge USB Devices Simultaneously

The Charger PRO 4 allows you to charge up to four USB devices at once. No more waiting for another USB device to finish charging.


Fast Charge on iPad & iPhone and other USB Devices

The Charger PRO 4 features with fast charge capability, provides a quick way to fast charge all USB devices includes iPad, iPhone, GALAXY, tablet, smartphone, music player, game console and many other USB devices.


Organize Neatly

The Charging Station provides solution to keep your charging area neatly with the weighted stainless Cable Organizer. No more messy wires and unlocking to do.


Convenient Additional Cable Length

Not to worry about your USB cables being too short. The Charging Station comes with two additional USB Power Extension Cables for you to plug your existing cables to an extra 2 meters.



Charger PRO 4
USB Port 4 Ports
Input AC 100 - 240V, 50 - 60 Hz
Output DC 5V ----- 2.5A
Dimensions (Product) 78 (L) x 57 (W) x 29 (H) mm
Net Weight 81 g
USB Extension Cable (2pcs)
Length 2 meters
USB Type USB 2.0
Plug AM to AF
Color Black
Wire 2C (28AWG) / 2C (20AWG)
Net Weight 175 g
Cable Organizer
Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions (Product) 63 (L) x 60 (W) x 28 (H) mm
Net Weight 290 g
Dimensions (Packaging) 255 L x 175 H x 49 H mm
Item Number
UPC 0872767005099
Gross Weight 1.1 kg




DSC 1078DSC 1077

A Closer Look

The packaging opens up to reveal, in addition to the Charging Station and the international plugs, a hefty weighted cable organizer with a smooth bottom which gives it a soft stance on your desk.  Also included are two 6ft USB extensions to allow you to easily route your cables neatly, or to have plenty of length when needed.  The charging station itself is a light grey, and is well put together.  The halves fit together nicely and the plug slides firmly into place.


The plug also folds down for a sleeker profile during travel, and the four USB ports are stacked ontop of one anotehr on the top of the Charging Station.  The ports operate at various amperages for different devices; 2.1A for tablets and 1.5A for phones or MP3 players.  The only indication of the differences in the ports are found in the manual, and we'd like to see the Amp labels printed next to the corresponding port.


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