Velodyne Impact-Mini 6.5" Subwoofer Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

For its size, performance, price, and built-quality, the Impact-Mini 6.5" is simply fantastic.  If you're looking for a subwoofer which will deliver clean, full, and powerful bass without requiring a large portion of your room being dedicated to housing it, there isn't much to choose from, and, frankly, there isn't much more we could hope for or want from the Impact-Mini 6.5.  Other 6.5-inch subs with similar power ratings and footprints run at a higher cost, and a few we've investigated, such as the Niles Audio offering, don't hit low bass frequencies as well as Velodyne's offering (largely due to the 8-inch passive driver) at an MSRP of $379.  We haven't mentioned it yet, but the footprint is small enough that someone looking for a high-performance audio setup for a PC or game console would easily be able to accommodate the Impact-Mini 6.5.



All genres of music benefited from the presence of the Impact-Mini 6.5, and having grown used to having a 10-inch subwoofer, instantly grew an attachment to the relatively tiny footprint and full, clean, and (if you desire) powerful produced by the small cabinet.  Games and movies also found an extra element of "volume" and life to it, as explosions, rumbling car engines, and music received an extra boost and feeling delivered cleanly from the subwoofer.  To top it all off, we found that distortion was created more from other items in the room than from the sub itself, as things began to rattle and shake.  We were only able to induce ripply distortion at around 85% volume, and at a powerful level I wouldn't ever utilize except for a brief demonstration.  The quality cabinet and aluminum cones are durable and the whole unit is rock-solid, and we'd expect it to keep rocking us for a long time to come.



  • Small footprint
  • Powerful, full, clean bass
  • Simple setup with clear instructions
  • Elegant appearance



  • Low (<35Hz) frequencies attenuated


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