Velodyne Impact-Mini 6.5" Subwoofer Review - Installation


After combing through the user's manual and familiarizing ourselves with the Impact-Mini-6.5's features and operation, installation consists only of connecting a single LFE line from the "sub out" port on your receiver, and connecting the power plug to the most convenient outlet.  The user's manual provides clear instructions on how to set the phase and lowpass crossover frequency, given your particular receiver setup.  Velodyne has also included speaker-level inputs if your receiver doesn't have an LFE output, and, again, the included user manual has very clear instructions on how to set the built-in lowpass crossover and phase for speaker-level connections.


A small LED turns red when the subwoofer is placed into standby mode after signal inactivity for power savings, and green when the subwoofer is in normal operation mode.

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