Velodyne Impact-Mini 6.5" Subwoofer Review - A Closer Look



Our review unit of the Impact-Mini 6.5" came in a black, furniture-quality cabinet, with the front being accented by piano black sides and a mesh driver cover. The wood cabinet has a smooth finish, and looks very clean, the wood grain is accentuated more in our lightbox than normal lighting conditions.  The Impact-Mini 6.5" is also available in a white vinyl cabinet, if that fits your room better than an all-black cabinet.




Turning the Impact-Mini 6.5" on its side reveals the down-firing passive 8-inch driver.  Removing the front grill reveals the forward-facing 6.5-inch active driver.  Both woofer cones are made from anodized aluminum, a feature which adds to the durability of the unit at high volume levels, and is seldom found at this price-point.  The chassis, overall is rock solid, and everything is firmly secured together.  Large rubber feet on the bottom of the subwoofer allow for plenty of clearance on thick carpeting for the down-firing driver, and also do a great job at minimizing secondary vibrations and sliding on wooden or other hard flooring.



The back side of the Impact-Mini 6.5" is very cleanly laid out, with speaker level inputs on the middle-left, LFE inputs near the top, in addition to knobs to control the built-in lowpass frequency and volume of the unit.  The bottom-right holds the standard power port.  I've seen it often-overlooked, but its great to see the power port near the bottom, so your power cable may be neatly run along the floor.

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