Choiix Power Fort 10WHrs Portable Battery Charger Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

Plain and simple, the Power Fort looks great.  It has very modern styling, and the piano black finish is great.  The Power Fort charges my phone about as quickly as it would if it were plugged in.  It may be a bit slower, but the difference is quite negligible.  I was able to put two full charges through my phone, which is just right, since my phone's battery is 5.1WHr.  It works just as advertised, and doesn't leave anything desired from its operation.  It looks great while it does it too, and gives many great advantages.  Having backup power in your car can potentially be a life-saving thing to have if your phone's battery were dead, and you found yourself in an emergency situation.  Not to mention having one of these around while you are on the go, talking on your phone, can be a lifesaver in that you won't need to hunt for a place to plug in your charger.  You can simply pull the charging cable connected to the Power Fort out of your bag, and be charging your phone or bluetooth headset, no matter where you are.  When I'm on long trips and use my phone as a GPS, the battery tends to get drained pretty quick, so the Power Fort makes a great travel accessory as well.



  • Great looks
  • Large internal battery
  • Light and portable
  • Easy operation


  • None at the moment


The Power Fort would make a great portable power device, and a perfect travel accessory, especially for today's big and powerful, and power-hngry devices that we struggle to keep adequately powered.


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