Choiix Power Fort 10WHrs Portable Battery Charger Review - Pictures



Choiix clearly pays attention to what I like to call the "opening experience," with very nice, stylish, and visually appealing packaging.  It presents the product in a way that makes you feel like you've got something worth enough to put time, effort, and energy into its packaging.  The back of the box lists various specs and features of the Power Fort.


The power fort comes with a user manual and registration card, the Power Fort, a very nice velvet travel bag, and a mini and micro-USB charging cable.


Here's our first look at the Power Fort itself, and it definitely seems that it is styled after a fusion of a PSP and an iPod Touch.  It has a very nice looking piano black finish, and the clear plastic edge gives it an elegant outline.  The edges and bottom are of a material similar to "soft touch," where it's hard but has a slightly rubberized feel to it.  Choiix's logo is neatly placed in the upper left, and the power button on the bottom right.  It really has a "premium" appearance to it.


The bottom of the Power Fort has the USB out for charging your device, and the mini-USB connector for charging from the USB on your computer.


The bottom has the same slightly rubberized finish as the sides, and towards the bottom of the image is the flashlight, which is turned on by pressing the power button twice in succession.  It's composed of three LEDs, and is reasonably bright, and undoubtedly a nifty feature.  The glass covering of the LEDs is diffused, so the LEDs aren't harshly bright like they are capable of being, and spreads light nicely.


The side profile has a curve to it, and is slightly pointed toward the front, where the flashlight is receded into the bottom.


There are blue LED charge indicators that shows where the battery level is currently at.  This is while charging, and the rightmost LED flashes while it is charging, and it's fully charged when it becomes solid.  The LEDs are very subtle, and work the same way when charging a device, so you know just how much juice you have at any given time.


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