Arctic Sound P311 Bluetooth Wireless Headset Review - Pictures



The simple gray-colored packaging is typical of Arctic, with the specs and features on a form-fitted box that gives you a great look at what you're getting in the box.


The P311s come with a USB charging cable as well as a very nice carbon fiber-like finish that has a slight texture to it, with Arctic's logo neatly embossed on the top.  It has a solid zipper, is quite sturdy, and really is a great case for these.


The P311 headphones have a simple silver/black color scheme and a low-profile and lightweight behind-the-head head band.  The right earphone has a variety of controls for both phone and music playback, as well as volume.  The middle button functions as play/pause as well as call/end call.  There are skip buttons for music playback, and the volume control for the headset.  They have subtle LEDs in a ring shape on the right earphone showing that they are on or in "sync" mode, etc.


The earcups are comfortable and adequately padded, and the frame of the headphones fits comfortably over the ears.  They also don't apply much horizontal force, so they aren't forced real tightly against your ears, which took a bit of getting used to for me, because they felt as if they may want to slip, but they stay in place quite nicely, and makes their long term wearability quite good.


Here is a closeup of the earcups, the right one housing the control buttons.  The buttons take a bit of getting used to as far as operating them when they are on your ears.  I would often hit volume up when I meant to lower it, and skip back instead of forward, etc.  But I got used to the button arrangement rather quickly, and before long wasn't even thinking about it.  Hear a song you don't like?... click and a new one comes on, 100 feet from your music device.


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