Arctic C1 Mobile Universal Portable Solar Charger Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

After using the C1 Mobile for awhile, it has proved completely as advertised.  It rides in my backpack or pocket until it's needed, and then it works just as it should, charging, and doing so nearly as fast as my wall charger, surprisingly.  It's light and compact, so I don't even notice it's in my bag, and fits into any of the smaller side pockets.  It gives, literally, a second life to my phone or MP3 player, or whatever device I might be carrying.  It can also be used to power Arctic's USB-Powered Speakers we've previously reviewed.  And it could even get you out a bind in a potentially dangerous situation, say stranded on a hike or a car breakdown in sub-zero weather, with your phone's battery dangerously low.  It would also be great on camping trips where the sun might be the only way to charge your phone.  It's a unique, innovative, and effective product that I'm really very glad to have around!


  • Light and Compact
  • Solid Build
  • Several included connectors
  • Simple and effective


  • No very commonly used micro-USB connectors included

Overall, this is a fantastic product that ought to remedy the poor battery life of your new fast phone with a huge screen or tablet computer, and has already proved to be a "life-saver" for me when my phone decides it needs more juice to operate, and could literally be a life-saver in many other situations!


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# mathaba 2011-12-07 03:26
it is nice,how to get it, and i just want to its price