Arctic C1 Mobile Universal Portable Solar Charger Review



I couldn't count how many times I've overused my phone during the day, then, at the end of the day when I was expecting a call, or was bored on a long car ride that I just wish I could go back and pace myself a bit more... or that I had a way to give my phone/MP3 player a boost.  Arctic has an elegant solution: put a small battery in a small and attractive case, provide just about any power connector you'd need in the box, and slap a solar panel on it for remote charging capabilities.  Sounds great, right?  Turns out, it really is.



The ARCTIC C1 Mobile is your portable power back-up to charge mobile phones, MP3-players and many more. It charges all your devices anytime and anywhere.


Ideal Portable Back-up Charger

Compact and lightweight, the ARCTIC C1 Mobile is the perfect portable charger. It is particularly useful and convenient for outdoor use when no power sockets are around. Just take along the USB cable and you can easily power up your dying devices.

Dual Rechargeable Capabilities

Equipped with a 4440mWh lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the ARCTIC C1 Mobile itself can be recharged via USB cable and solar energy. While the USB cable charges the device more quickly, it is the solar panel that makes this charger to be high in mobility. Take the ARCTIC C1 Mobile with you to hiking, sunbathing and camping to convert green energy to practical energy for a wide range of handheld gadgets!


The size and capabilities of the ARCTIC C1 Mobile is multi-compatible with a many USB-powered devices. Several adapters for major brands of mobile phones are included with purchase (Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Mini USB), so it is extra handy for users. It also works well with other ARCTIC’s peripherals products, such as ARCTIC Sound S111, ARCTIC Sound P311, and ARCTIC Breeze Mobile. These viable options make the ARCTIC C1 Mobile to be an all-around alternative for charging multimedia devices.



Limited Warranty 2 years
Dimensions (Packaging) 168 L x 137 W x 19 H mm
Dimensions (Product) 110 L x 43 W x 12 H mm
Li-ion Rechargeable Battery 4440 mWh
Input solar panel: 5,5 V, 80 mA
USB: 5 V, 300 mA
Output DC 5 V, 500 mA
itemnumber DCACO-AC003-CSA01
UPC 0872767003279
Weight 0.11 kg





The C1 Mobile comes with a USB cable that connects to the charger, and also four converters which plug into the USB cable.  These include a mini-USB, which doubles as a charger for the battery itself, and connectors for many other phone types.  The nice thing is that the regular USB connects to the C1 Mobile, so for many, like myself, who have a phone with a micro-USB connector, I simply use my USB cable and it plug right in and I'm off and charging.  I have a Droid 2, and the battery in the C1 Mobile is nearly as large as my cell phone battery, and given a bright light, you can expect a full battery charge in about 12 hours, so during the day, I could effectively nearly triple the amount of life of my phone.


The C1 Mobile is very small, and is also quite light, and subsequently very portable.  One way I plan to use mine is to keep one in my car in the event that I have car trouble or get stuck in inclement weather and I don't have much juice left in my phone, or if I'm using my phone's GPS and I want to have some batter life at the end of the trip.

A red LED comes on one when it's being charged, the left LED turns on when it's being charged via the mini-USB port, and the right LED, as can be seen in this picture from the camera flash, when it's being charged through the solar panel.  It takes about 3 hours to charge via USB cable, and up to 12 in bright sunlight with the solar panel.


The back has a nice pearl-white plastic casing which looks very nice.  The whole charger is very solid and feels well put together.  No cheap plastic creaking or slipping.


The mini-USB port on the left is used to charge the battery, simply take the provided USB cable, plug it into your computer, and then use the mini-USB attachment to plug it into the C1 Mobile.  The right one is to connect a device to the charger, and when something is plugged in charging, the three LEDs show the battery level of the charger.



Final Thoughts

After using the C1 Mobile for awhile, it has proved completely as advertised.  It rides in my backpack or pocket until it's needed, and then it works just as it should, charging, and doing so nearly as fast as my wall charger, surprisingly.  It's light and compact, so I don't even notice it's in my bag, and fits into any of the smaller side pockets.  It gives, literally, a second life to my phone or MP3 player, or whatever device I might be carrying.  It can also be used to power Arctic's USB-Powered Speakers we've previously reviewed.  And it could even get you out a bind in a potentially dangerous situation, say stranded on a hike or a car breakdown in sub-zero weather, with your phone's battery dangerously low.  It would also be great on camping trips where the sun might be the only way to charge your phone.  It's a unique, innovative, and effective product that I'm really very glad to have around!


  • Light and Compact
  • Solid Build
  • Several included connectors
  • Simple and effective


  • No very commonly used micro-USB connectors included

Overall, this is a fantastic product that ought to remedy the poor battery life of your new fast phone with a huge screen or tablet computer, and has already proved to be a "life-saver" for me when my phone decides it needs more juice to operate, and could literally be a life-saver in many other situations!


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