Arctic Sound E361 Earphone Review - Testing and Final Thoughts



For testing, I listened to a wide range of music from many different genres to ensure that I heard as many different types of sounds and combinations, and allow me to judge a full range of sounds if at all possible.  I'm listening to them as I've written this review as well and have listened for several hours on these earphones and believe I've given them ample time to be evaluated.

The sound quality is great, not elite, but without a doubt great.  It has a very full sound, and it also has what I'll call an open sound as well.  What I mean by that is it doesn't sound as if you have speakers in your ear, and it's being driven straight into your eardrum.  Instead, it's more as if you are in a room filled with speakers, and you get a very full sound experience. This is very desirable for me, and is a preferable sound for me.  It is also a very rich experience, it misses a bit on the very highs, and the super lows, not that many other earphones touch the super lows due to the size limitations, but overall I was very happy with the range and fullness of the sounds it produced.

The bass is plenty, it's not dominating, but I've also not been a fan of earphones that just pump a bunch of bass that drowns out the rest of the sound.  There is plenty of bass, in my mind, and more importantly, it's crisp bass with little distortion even at higher volumes.  Once again, it doesn't feel like it's being driven into your ears, but rather it flows into them, and are quite crisp.

The fit is great, and they are very comfortable during long periods of usage.  They are pretty light, and I don't really feel them when they are in.  The included earbuds will also ensure that they will fit you properly, and that they will be comfortable.  The cord is flexible, yet not as cheaply flimsy as others I've used, which should also help add some lifetime to them.  The noise isolation is also very good, as good as any other noise isolating earphone I've used, and once again, using larger silicon earbuds will allow you to have greater noise isolation if you so desire.

I mentioned earlier that the E361s worked great controlling an iPod and my android smartphone, call quality was great, and the built-in microphone transmits very clear and crisp sound over the phone as well as skype.

Final Thoughts

I was impressed by these earphones, especially from a company who is just getting into this type of thing.  The build quality is as good as any $100+ earphone I've handled, and the sound quality isn't far behind, although it is not elite in that sense.  However, the sound quality is great, and more than satisfactory for anyone who isn't a through-and-through audiophile.  These have quickly replaced my Sennheiser earphones which have served me for several years now.  Arctic hit the nail on the head from the start here, and leave little left to be desired, apart from a few nit-picky gripes about the extreme highs and lows which are hard to replicate in the small package of an earphone.  The ability to use them with a phone and have some basic control over your playback is just a kicker, and certainly adds value to these earphones.  The carrying case is great, and will serve you well, and will protect your new earphones more than adequately.


  • Awesome build quality
  • Comfortable and Light
  • Plenty of accessories included
  • Crisp bass and rich sound quality
  • Microphone works great and playback control


  • Not quite elite sound, but close to compare to high end earbuds, misses on very high, and very low ranges, an audiophile gripe


These are great earphones, and if you are in the market, we feel that you wouldn't be disappointed giving them a shot!


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