IOGear GMP10K GearPower Mobile Power Station Review

Looking for a mobile battery to charge all of your electron-sucking devices? Look no further. The IOGEAR GMP10K is the mac-daddy of them all. This 11,000 mAh portable charging station is the closest thing to taking a gas-powered generator on all your business trips, camping adventures, or just to keep handy in case of an emergency.  The GMP10K will keep your entire quiver of devices trucking through even the heaviest of travel days and road trips.


RHA MA450i Noise Isolating Earphones with Remote and Microphone


The Glasglow, UK-headquarted RHA brings the affordably-priced, noise isolating, all-aluminum MA450i to the extremely competitive budget earphones market. We were impressed with their MA350s which were machined from solid aluminum and boasted rich, natural sound which was impressive for its price point.  The MA450i builds off the MA350s to add the ability to control calls, music, and volume on any Apple device (iPad, iPod, iPhone). Read on to find out whether these headphones are worth your time and money.


ASUS Cube With Google TV Review


Lower your shields and surrender your televisions! The ASUS Cube has arrived to assimilate all of your favorite media. Whether it be a hit TV series, a few HD movies on a local media server, or a music collection stored in the cloud, the ASUS Cube has the collective power to deliver all of your content to the big screen. Jump past the break to see our hands-on impressions.



Droidax EzyCharge (Galaxy SIII) Review


“EzyCharge makes charging your Samsung Galaxy SIII a breeze” claims Droidax, a company who designs and manufactures mobile accessories for Android.  With a wireless charging pad and a 1200 mAh battery pack in a protective case, this claim is well-justified.  You would hardly guess that you were carrying that much extra power in your hand (or pocket) with the slim and lightweight design of the battery pack, with the phone only becoming slightly longer.  If you are the owner of the popular SIII Android smartphone and you wish you could have a convenient way to get though the day without your phone dying and have the convenience of inductive charging, then the EzyCharge at $79.95 might be what you are looking for. 


Microsoft Surface Pro Video Review


It’s been almost four painful months since the release of Windows 8 and some of us have been very patiently waiting. Others have been counting down the days since June 19th when Microsoft announced their plan to change the very conception of how mobile computing is perceived. Now that Microsoft, Best Buy, and Staples stores are done scrambling to acquire as much inventory as possible, things have finally settled down and units are becoming more available. Although it's fashionably late, there are still many questions to be answered for the skeptics. Is it actually possible to fuse the laptop and the tablet together?


RHA CA200 Noise Isolating Headphones Review


The Glasglow, UK-headquarted RHA returns to Tech Kings with their "circum aural" CA200 headphones. The CA200 is a lightweight, ergonomic headphone with unique designs and simplistic styling. RHA stresses the dependence of comfort, sound quality, and noise isolation on the angle and pressure at which the headphones sit on the ear, claiming that their ErgoFit system is designed to enhance the aforementioned qualities. At $29.95 (Amazon), these headphones could be the best value on the market if they make all of RHA's claims come true. Read on to find out if they do!


RHA MA 350 Noise Isolating Aluminum Earphones

RHA MA 350 Noise Isolating Aluminum Earphones Review - Introduction

The Glasglow, UK-headquarted RHA brings the affordably-priced, noise isolating, all-aluminum MA 350 to the extremely competitive low-priced earphones market. Machined from "aircraft grade" aluminum, the company boasts rich, natural sound from an "aerophonic" design inspired by the bell of a trumpet. Read on to find out whether these headphones are worth your time and money.


H2O Audio X-1 Trax Custom Fit Waterproof Sport Earphones Review

X-1 Trax Waterproof Custom Fit Sport Earphones / Earbuds Review - Intro

Earbuds have become a godsend to portable entertainment, especially when you're working out.  Research has shown that higher-tempo music actually makes us run faster, lift harder, and, basically, get in shape faster.  The downsides?  There are several flaws when it comes to being active which are inherent to the design of most earphones you can buy.  X-1 is aiming to re-write the focus of their active earbud line, emphasizing comfort, durability, and even washability.  We'll put their durability and waterproof characteristics to the test.