Intel i5-2300 2.8GHz Sandy Bridge CPU Review - Testing



The graphs show our tested processor settings.  Our test settings are a 21.5% underclock (2.2GHz) at a lower stable voltage of .95V, a stock frequency (2.8GHz) undervolted to 1.00V, the stock settings (2.8GHZ, auto voltage), and a 25% overclock (3.5GHz auto voltage).

A quick note on the overclock, the 25% overclock felt almost too easy, and Sandy Bridge processors are powerhouses when it comes to overclocking due to their 32nm architecture, low thermal output, and efficient design.  Many overclockers around the world have been able to push Sandy Bridge chips to ridiculous levels, and it's apparent with how effortless, safe, and reliable a 25% overclock is to achieve.




Power Draw



Real-Life Benchmarks



Gaming Benchmarks



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# Alex 2012-05-31 00:13

Thanks, I really needed this. I moved to a Picopsu and bought a very high efficiency adapter but failed to see that 12V only operates up to 4.5A. Thus whenever I opened a video file, the computer would die. Underclocking solved the problem beautifully, and now I can run two HD videos side by side if I want!