Noctua NH-C12P SE14 Top Flow CPU Cooler Review - Pictures

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 The packaging of the NH-C12P SE14 is pretty standard in terms of Noctua's products.  Clean graphics, a list of all the features and specifications, and very secure and solid packaging to keep the cooler safe until it reaches you.  I've always been impressed with the packaging from Noctua and how robustly the boxes are arranged.

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Here are the contents of the box, all laid out.  You have the cooler itself, a high quality NF-P14 140mm fan, a set of common parts consisting of voltage-modifying fan cables, and a tube of high quality NT-H1 thermal paste, respective AMD and Intel mounting kits, and a very neat folder holding installation instructions for either AMD or Intel sockets.  Noctua certainly takes care in what we might call the "opening experience" with neat and functional packaging, in addition to the presentation as seen in the little instruction folder.

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Here is out first look at the cooler with its NF-P14 fan mounted to the top.  On the left you can see the array of six heatpipes, and the thick, sturdy fins of the heatsink.  Noctua's coolers tend to have somewhat wider spacing between fins, which allows for more airflow between the fins, and a reduction in stagnation between the fan and the heatsink itself.

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Here's another closer look at the heatpipe array, and you can see the staggering of the pipes so that air may flow over each of the pipes themselves as air flows between the fins.  At the top you can see the jagged grooves at the top of the fins, which is another technology which also helps prevent stagnation from the fan, and also adds to the aesthetics of the cooler.  On the right of the cooler, you can see the groove that a small wire clip fits into to quickly mount, move, and/or dismount the fan.

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The Noctua logo is neatly embossed on the top fin, and looks really good on the rather flat, grey finish.  The grooves on the outer edges of the fins can be very clearly seen here as well.

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One rather unique feature of the top flow cooler is the integration of fins directly onto, and over the base.  This allows more heat to be taken directly from the base itself, and causes less of a thermal "jam" in the heatpipes, which should allow the cooler higher efficiency at higher temperatures, a critical quality for large overclocks.  The small screws with a spring on the base are part of Noctua's SecuFirm2 mounting system, which I will have more on later.

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The contact base is very very smooth and level, and should provide very even and reliable contact to the CPU.  The heatpipe array out of the base of the cooler is clearly visible here as well.  Also, there is a gap in the fins, exposing two of the heatpipes, one on each side.  These gaps allow ease of installation when it comes time to tighten the cooler to the motherboard, and enables an easy fit with a screwdriver.

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Here we can see the gaps I mentioned above to be able to easily reach the screw for mounting.  Also, this bare view allows you to see the heatpipes through the fins, and see how the grooves will allow the airflow to have a little more room after exiting the fan, which will reduce flow stagnation, and improve overall airflow between the fins. 

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