Scythe Kama Flex 135mm 1600RPM S-FDB Fan Review


Scythe's Kama Flex fans are some of the most recommended and highly regarded case fans on the market, and their new 135mm size adds to their award-winning lineup of fans.  This 135mm fan is equipped with 140mm fan holes in order to maximize compatibility, and they employ a top-end Fluid Dynamic Bearing which ensures minimal vibration and noise, and a very long fan life.




Equipped as 140mm Fan : Original Designed 140mm Screw-Hole compatible 135mm Case Fan

Silent : 3dBA improvements from conventional models

Ball Bearing: The noise of ball bearing lies in a frequency range where human ears recognize them as unpleasant.

Dynamic pressure based on non-contact bearing eliminates sliding noises and reduces unpleasant

Long Life: The S・FEDB has a sealed structure (Patented) which gives improved oil carrying ability for long life.

Anti-Shock Ability : Improved 5 times more than conventional ball bearings

Ball Bearing: They carries a point contacting structure for the rotation, which gives pointsupporting situations at dropping impact leading to damaged ball surface.

They carries a surface contact mechanism for improved anti-shock structure,which is 5 times more than conventional ball bearings.



Dimensions: 135mm x 135mm x 25mm
Bearing: Fluid Dynamic Bearing (made by Sony Corp.)
Length of Cable: 17in / 30cm
Weight: 6.45z / 200g

Part Number: SA1325FDB12H
UPC: 894092003373
Dimensions: 135mm x 135mm x 25mm
RPM: 1600 ±10%
Noise Level: 33.1 dB
Air Flow: 100.50 CFM
MTBF: 120000hrs
Rated Current: 0.28A


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