Noctua NH-D14 High Performance CPU Cooler Review - Pictures



The Noctua NH-D14 arrives in a very attractive box which highlights the features and specifications of the beastly cooler, and the CAD drawings throughout are very attractive.



I don't normally go into packaging in much detail, but this case warrants an exception.  The outer box supports tow robust "spacers"  which hold yet another sturdy box very snugly.  They aren't about to allow your top-of-the-line cooler get damaged in transit, which is a rather common occurrence with the fragile fins of many coolers.  It would take a high amount of negligence, and a large amount of weight to damage this thing before it's out of its packaging.


My first full look at this behemoth made me double take.  I knew it would be big, I knew the two high-end fans, the NF-P14 and NF-P12 would make this thing wide and intimidating, but it really is another thing to handle it in person.  The fins are very sturdy, the appearance is modern, the Noctua logo is stamped beautifully on the top fins, the serpent-like dance of the six heatpipes is staggering... it's really an engineering masterpiece.


Here are the contents of the NH-D14's box, neatly bagged parts for AMD and Intel mounting, a special screwdriver, and a small "folder" containing two different installation instructions for either AMD or Intel sockets, and, of course, the NH-D14 itself with the P12 and P14 fans already mounted.


Side profile picture shows the towers and the push-pull from the fans, as well as the incredibly easy mounting system for the fans, as they just slide in, and clip into place anywhere on the fins on the tower.  The fins on the NH-D14 are far more robust than other coolers I've handled, and they don't appear prone to bending whatsoever!


The jagged design on the ends of the towers is really appealing, and it has an engineering function as well, as it keeps air from stagnating just outside of the fan, and allows higher static pressure in between the fins, improving airflow.


Noctua's logo is elegantly emboxxed on the tops of the towers, which have neat, silver-capped heatpipes erupting from the top fin.



The enormous array of 6 heatpipes is quite impressive as they burst out of the base through the vertical heatsink towers.  The base is also very very smooth, and ensures very flush contact with the CPU.  You may also see that the fan extends a bit below the towers, this passes air directly over the heatpipes, efficiently wicking away much of the heat from the pipes near the heat source.


Here is the NH-D14 next to a 20oz. Gatorade bottle, as a size reference, to give you a better idea of just how large it is!


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