Bgears B-blaster Fan Review - Testing And Final Thoughts


Our testing will be subjective in nature, as we currently don't have accurate enough equipment to make precise comparative decibel and airflow measurements.  We isolate the fan from other airflow and noise influences via a long fan extension, and place it into a small enclosed box for noise evaluation and a controlled airflow setting.


These fans, being in a relatively budget price range, but targeted at the high performance market had me intrigued as to how it would perform.  The answer to that question is, quite simply, quite well!  The two-ball bearings give the fan very smooth operation with very little vibration noticed when holding it in an array of orientations.  It also has a great "free spin" capability, and what I mean by that is that it will spin for a long time after power is removed, which often is a preemptive sign of the quality of the bearings, which points to smoothness of operation, as well as expected lifetimes.  Two-ball bearing fans often last a very long time, and priced comparably to many other sleeve-bearing fans, these are a no-brainer.

The airflow is also very good on this fan, and it does so at fairly low RPMs, which also treats us to low-noise operation as well.  It does not push as much air or its noise level as some of the other fans we have tested, but it's quite close, and at the price range it is listed (around $10), would certainly best nearly all of its competition.



  • Two Ball Bearings
  • Smooth, low vibration operation
  • Quiet
  • Should provide good lifetimes
  • Clean appearance


  • For it's price range, any downfalls are relatively negligible, no real cons with these!

We would like to thank Bgears for providing these fans for us to test!

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