Bgears B-blaster Fan Review - A Closer Look



This picture shows the entire size range of the B-Blaster fans being offered by Bgears.  As you can see, they come in very colorful and pleasing packaging, and it's not even the "hack saw packaging" that requires you to destroy the packaging to get open,  just "pop" it open and you are good to go.  Sometimes it's about the little things!  We will now focus our attention on the 120mm version fan, since they are all basically scaled versions of each other, and 120mm fans are still currently the most popular fan size.  Keep in mind as we proceed that fan speeds and noise levels, in addition to other specs such as flow rates and pressure will vary between these, so look up the specifications for the size of your particular interest and compare to how the 120mm performs. The an blade design on the B-blaster fans are very similar to the "trending" variable pitch blades which have a higher angle of attack near the hub and as the blade speed increases away from the motor hub, less pitch is needed.  This helps reduce vortices and drastically reduces noise while keeping an even flow through the fan.  You may also notice that the blades have a semi-gloss finish while the enclosure has a flat black color.  The inclusion of a 3-pin to 4-pin molex adapter is always much appreciated whenever I receive a new fan, I always like to have options.  Here's another look at the blade design, and you can once again notice the semi-gloss finish on the blades, it looks less textured when not subjected to a flash.  The Bgears logo is also proudly displayed over the motor hub.



This is the other side of the fan, also displaying another angle of the blade geometry, and a better look at the power cable.  It isn't sleeved, but it's very tidy, looks nice, and is pleasantly flexible and very thin, so cable management should be a breeze (literally).

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