Bgears B-blaster Fan Review


The B-blaster is Bgears' newest line high performance 2-ball bearing fans shipping at a budget price.  It aims to make a splash in the price-to-performance market, and they are making a strong case for themselves. A wide range of sizes means that you can surely find a spot in your case if you are in the market for new fans.

The B-blaster fans come in a wide range of sizes, and comes out at the same time as the B-ice fan, which bears the same blade design as the B-blaster 140mm with a little extra pizazz.  For the price, and their specs, they look to be very competitive in the price-performance ratio market.  2-Ball bearings ensure low vibration and also long lifetimes and quiet operation.  The inclusion of 3-pin to 4-pin molex connectors are a nice touch to complete the package.


  • 2 Ball Bearing fan for Extended Life and High Performance
  • Extreme Speed with Excellent Airflow
  • Ideal for PC CASE, POWER SUPPLY and CPU heatsink
  • 3 pin 3 lead wire connector with Fan Speed signal output
  • Includes 3 to 4 pin Molex adapter for direct connect to Power Supply
  • 4 Screws included
  • Available in 80mm, 90mm, 120mm and 140mm


Speed(RPM): 3500 3500 2000 1800
Current(A): 0.34 0.50 0.32 0.45
Power(W): 4.08 6.00 3.84 5.40
Airflow(CFM): 62.00 78.00 103.00 103.00
Pressure(mmH20): 4.00 5.50 3.00 3.50
Voltage(V): 12 12 12 12
Noise(dbA): 39 39 35 36
Frame Size(mm): 80x80x25 90x90x25 120x120x25 140x140x25
Bearing: 2 Ball 2 Ball 2 Ball 2 Ball
LED: None None None None



  • Include one 3 to 4 pins connector and 4 screws

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