Bgears 140mm to 120mm Fan Adapter Review - Pictures and Final Thoughts


The fan adapters come in simple packaging, with the four fan screws as you can see.  This image shows the two available colors of UV Blue and plain black.

The back of the package sports a list of the features, as well as a diagram showing how the fan adapter is installed into a 120mm slot, and also how the fan fits into the assembly.
In this picture I'm demonstrating how the screws mount into the fan, and also how the adapter would be mounted on the inner screw to your chassis.  It is also very nice that Bgears included several fan hole locations just in case you have slightly smaller fans, such as 135mm, or if your fans have slightly different hole locations.  We are mounting our Bgears 140mm B-ice fan to the adapter, as seen in the picture, and the Clear UV Blue color should work great with the LEDs on fan.

Final Thoughts

The Bgears 140mm will really give you options when it comes to giving your older case new life with some bigger, better fans.  They have also made it so that these adapters are low profile, and should be able to be used in a wide array of places, although the added thickness may be too much for particularly tight spots, such as front intakes.  Other than front fans, however, you should have no trouble upping the ante on your case airflow with some bigger, badder, and better 140mm fans.  Multiple mounting holes for the adapter means that it should also be universal for any brand or type of 140mm fans, and possibly 135mm fans as well!  We will update once we try to mount 135mm fans with the adapter.

Skip drilling holes to fit that 140mm fan, go pick one of these up and stop limiting your options to only 120mm!

Thanks to Bgears for allowing us to give these a look!

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