Bgears 140mm to 120mm Fan Adapter Review


140mm fans are quickly becoming a "new" standard for fan sizes, as many new cases are shipping standard with 140mm fans, or simply have several 140mm fan slots.  However, for many of us with older cases, such as my Antec 900, I don't have any spots to put any of the many new 140mm fans out these days.  Bgears to the rescue with their new 140mm to 120mm fan adapters, enabling you to place your 140mm fans in spaces meant for 120 mm fans, looks like my side panel is going to be adorning a 140mm fan soon!


Many people over the years have been drilling holes in their cases to fit larger fans on their cases, which, in many cases can be a surprisingly difficult and tricky process, which obviously requires proper tools to complete.  Bgears has taken out the need for that process, with a universal and sleek fan adapter.  It is available in two colors, black, or UV blue, which is semi-transparent, which is great for use with LED fans.

  • This is designed for all 140mm fan installing in most PC cases that come with 120mm fan screw holes only.
  • This will eliminate the unnecessary drilling on the chassis for 140mm fan.
  • The Fan Adapter funnel design will channel airflow through the 120mm ventilation hole on the chassiss.
  • 4 screws included / Available in UV Blue and Black Color.
  • Fan Adapter 140mm to 120mm / Black and UV Blue

  • Include 4 screws


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