Bgears B-Ice 140mm Case Fan Review - Testing And Final Thoughts


Since we currently do not have a precise enough decibelmeter, our evaluation of noise, as well as airflow, will be subjective.  With that said, these fans are very quiet, and do move a fair amount of air.  It doesn't have the highest noise-to-airflow ratio we've tested, but it is very adequate, and for its price range it does very well!  The RPMs during operation on the b-ice is also lower than many other fans, but this does enable it to operate quietly, and as stated above, does move a very satisfactory amount of air.  Compared to the other case fans in my case, I wouldn't see this adding any noticeable noise to the case as a whole.


Final Thoughts

The b-ice 140mm fan really does set itself apart with its very attractive and lustrous finish, which really does produce a very favorable appearance over other LED fans.  The design is standard for the most part, and seems to utilize high quality bearings, as the operation is very smooth, with little to no vibration.  It runs at a slower RPM than many other fans, but doesn't make very much noise, and still moves an adequate amount of air.  It's a relatively inexpensive fan, and performs very well compared with most of the other fans in its price bracket.


  • Unique and Attractive Blue Chrome finish
  • Nice, bright blue LEDs
  • Smooth operation
  • Decent Noise-to-Airflow ratio
  • Price


  • Low operational RPM

Overall, we were very pleased with how these fans looked, sounded, and performed, and these fans will most definitely be in our minds when the time comes to buy fans for a new build, or to replace our current ones, and for its price it is certainly a competitive fan.

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