Bgears B-Ice 140mm Case Fan Review - Pictures



The b-ice fan comes in a sleek package, giving you a good look at the fan, and efficiently packing the rest of the contents in the lower portion.


The back displays the many features and relevant specifications of the fan as well.


Here you can see the fan with the other included components, which includes four fan screws and a 3-pin to 4-pin molex adapter.  The fan has a very pleasant dark metallic/chrome look to it, and it should really play in nicely with the blue LEDs while it is running, as it is very reflective as well.


This view gives you an idea of how the chrome blue coloring looks, and you can also see a relatively standard blade geometry, and the blades have a fairly deep "cut" as I call it, being that they should move quite a bit of air each pass.


Here's a look at the blades and finish from the other side of the fan, pretty standard for the most part.  The bearings also seem to be very good, as there is very little vibration while the fan is spinning, and is able to sustain rotation for a considerable time after power off, I'd say up to 15 seconds.

Now, we will take a look and see how it looks during operation, and see how the chrome finish looks with the LEDs.


It is hard to tell definitively from this picture, but the fan does give off a very cool pattern from the blades as they spin, and produces a much better lighting aura than most other fans I've used or tested!


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