Bgears B-Ice 140mm Case Fan Review


Looking straight towards you with a very lustrous blue-chrome finish, the Bgears b-Ice 140mm fan really jumps out compared with other fans on the market today.  This creates a very unique appearance, but what use is a fan if it does not move alot of air without making our ears bleed?  Jump in and see how Bgears' new fan performs!




About Bgears

Bgears is the new name for Bluegears Incorporation which was established in March 2005. Due to lots of confusions and support issues between Bluegear Notebook Systems, Bluegear Digital Cameras, and Bluegear Network Cards, we have decided to change our name to Bgears from July 1st 2007. All existing Bluegears Products (b-Enspirer, b-Cool, b-Flexi, b-mobile, b-PowerStick, b-ice, and partner products by Revoltec and be-quiet) warranty will be handled by Bgears. With the strategy of standing behind our customers to ensure their total satisfaction and trust on our product quality, Bgears will continue working closely with its customers and focusing on providing innovative quality PC products, Battery Chargers products and Services to keep up with the fast changing market.

Bgears is the forerunner of innovative products related with Consumer Electronic and PC peripherals. Bgears Taiwan R&D office and Bgears China factory has been established since 2000 and has been focusing on OEM and ODM market initially for many leading PC brands in the computer industry. Bgears USA was established in California, U.S.A. in March 2005, focusing on manufacturing and distributing top-quality consumer electronics products under Bgears brand for worldwide market. Currently our R&D and manufacturing facilities reside in Taiwan and China. Bgears' R&D has over 20 years experience in computer industry and vowed to develop the highest quality products with cutting-edge technology. In Q3 2007, Bgears will introduce a series of new PC products: Cases, Power Supply, Cooling Fans, PC Monitoring Panel and more. Also, in Q3 2007, Bgears will introduce a series of Universal Battery Chargers for Cell Phones, Digital Cameras, Portable Music Devices, and Notebooks. With its strong partnerships in Europe and Asia, Bgears has met the ever changing needs and has been successfully distributing its own brand products worldwide and introducing our Europe Partner Brands, Revoltec and be-Quiet, into the US market.

Our team contains worldwide marketing capability and extensive sales network. Bgears has been active in all major Computer Trade shows, PC Gaming events, Lanparties, Internet Medias, and Print magazines worldwide.

Bgears' ultimate goal is not only to introduce top-notch consumer products but also to gain 100% customer satisfaction from our cutting-edge products and impeccable support. Bgears will be committed to build stronger and longer lasting business relationship with our global partners and distribute first-class service and products to our customers.


  • 4 x Blue LEDs
  • 3 wires 3 pins connector directly connected to motherboard
  • 4 pins Molex connector directly connected to Power Supplies
  • Blue Chrome Coating on Frame and Blades
  • Low Noise Level with Extreme Airflow
  • Shining Surface Enhances Better Lighting Effect
  • 140mm to 120mm Fan Adapter Sold Separately
  • 4 screws and a 3 to 4 pins adapter included


  80mm 90mm 120mm 140mm
Speed(RPM): 3500 3500 2000 1800
Current(A): 0.34 0.50 0.32 0.45
Power(W): 4.08 6.00 3.84 5.40
Airflow(CFM): 62.00 78.00 103.00 103.00
Pressure(mmH20): 4.00 5.50 3.00 3.50
Voltage(V): 12 12 12 12
Noise(dbA): 39 39 35 36
Frame Size(mm): 80x80x25 90x90x25 120x120x25 140x140x25
Bearing: 2 Ball 2 Ball 2 Ball 2 Ball
LED: None None None None


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