Noctua NF-S12B FLX 120mm Fan Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

The NF-S12B FLX really does its Ultra-Quiet predecessors proud.  Decibel for decibel, this fan pushed far more air than any fan that I have seen to date, and its overall performance really almost had me saying "wow."  There is an impressive amount of innovative engineering going on with these fans, and despite their price, they really are worthwhile.  Their SSO bearing will ensure you get a long and quiet life out of these fans, and for the noise freaks out there who would give an arm for a silent computer, this is really as close as you can get to the silent pinnacle at this time.  These fans push a ton of air and creates a very high amount of static pressure, all the while maintaining near-silence, what more could you ask from a fan?  The biggest setback you will incur from these fans is the shear cost (~$25), it may be an investment that pays off not only in the noise reduction and the performance, but also in long lifetimes in comparison to cheaper fans with lesser bearing systems.  You could replace a $10-15 once or twice before these die on you, and in the end you are doing yourself a favor by saving money.  Many are on tight budgets, and sadly that will be a bit preventative with these fans, but if you are looking for an upgrade to your case's airflow, look no further than Noctua's NF-S12B FLX!


  • Good Airflow
  • High Static Pressure
  • QUIET! Near silent performance, even on highest speeds
  • Sleeved cabling
  • Plenty of complementary accessories


  • Price, the price is preventative, although we believe over the life of the fan is a good deal, and well worth the performance.


We highly recommend the Noctua NF-S12B FLX fan, as it has impressed us and we believe it to be an excellent product, and in light of these impressions, we award it the Tech Kings Crown!


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