Noctua NF-S12B FLX 120mm Fan Review - Installation and Testing



I don't have much to say about the installation, as it's uncomplicated and very standard.  Using the rubber anti-vibration mounts, our new fan was in our case, a minute of cable routing, and it was alive and pushing air through our case!  Easy peasy, couldn't really ask for anything more in this respect.


In order to test these fans, we ran the fan well outside the case using a fan controller, and an extension to isolate the noise of the fan from those of the case.  What we heard was... well, practically nothing.  You could hear the gentle hum of the motor and the bearings, and the whispy noises of the air being moved.  This was even on high, when on lower settings it was practically silent, yet there was still a very substantial amount of air being moved.  The high angle of attack on the blades allows it to push alot of air at lower RPMS, which further supports its Ultra-Quiet performance.  When run at high, and still at near-silence, it moved about as much air as any fan that I have handled, and to do that with only a whisper as evidence, really impressed me.  It also produced a great amount of pressure as well, and when turned on low, it still manages to push a very satisfying amount of air, a sound-freak's dream!  If you were to put this in any "regular" case with other fans, you would literally not be able to tell it was added from an acoustical standpoint, and the pressure it still produces makes it a great CPU cooing fan.


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