Scythe Rasetsu CPU Cooler Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

Scythe's Rasetsu has really set a new bar for top-flow coolers, especially in an "era" of PC cooling that has side-flow tower coolers coming out left and right.  Their 2nd utilization of their T.M.L.F fins have proved the technology once more, and the inclusion of Scythe's renowned Slip Stream fans with a PWM control is also quite a feature.  The universal compatibility is also a comforting design feature, as you don't need to guess and wonder whether your motherboard will accept this cooler.  It also makes available a high performance cooling solution for those who have limited vertical clearance, and it mounts with ease.  Scythe pays close attention to the aesthetic details as well. Nickel-plated fins and base provide a very clean and nice finish, which protecting the copper internals from corrosion.  The top-directed airflow also blows over the intricately designed heatpipes, and effectively wicks away alot of heat away from the base and the heatpipes themselves.  The reduction in weight over many tower coolers is also comforting, as you won't have to worry about the longevity of your motherboard due to the weight of your cooler.


  • T.M.L.F. fin structure proves itself again, permitting high airflow through the cooler
  • Appearance, Nickel-Plating and the T.M.L.F work together to make a sick looking cooler
  • PWM fan control without the need for a fan controller, reduce the noise when you don't need full-blown performance
  • Relatively low-weight, with plenty of vertical clearance


  • Currently no commercially-available bolt-through mounting options (See HERE)


All-in-all, we are impressed, and very happy with Scythe's Rasetsu cooler, and we believe you would be as well.  Having said that, we are proud to award Rasetsu our Tech Kings Crown for an excellent and recommended product!


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