Scythe Rasetsu CPU Cooler Review - Pictures



A typical Scythe box, bright, colorful, attractive, and has any and all pertinent specifications and features listed on the box in several languages.  The box is very secure ensuring your cooler doesn't arrive with borked and bent fins.


Here are the contents of the Rasetsu: The cooler itself, the mounting hardware for both AMD and Intel sockets, a small packet of performance thermal paste, and your handy man installation guide.


Here is our first closeup of the new Rasetsu cooler!  It comes out of the box with the Scythe Slip Stream 120mm PWM fan installed onto the cooler.  You can see the reflection of the copper heatpipes on the fins' shiny nickel-plated finish, as well as the T.M.L.F design on the left side of the cooler.


Here is a close look at the layout of the six copper heatpipes used to channel heat out of the base of the cooler and onto the heatsink fins and keep your CPU nice and cool.  The layout is actually impressive in its own right, and surely looks like it should do a great job at its job!


This view gives you a good look at the awesome fin structure the Rasetsu uses, not only functional, it really looks great as well!  The nickel-plating really makes this cooler shine in the aesthetics department, literally!  The fin structure is claimed to help push a higher volume of air through the cooler, which obviously promotes better cooling.


Here you can see the very smooth contact base of the nickel-plated copper cooler, as well as the rear panel-mounted PWM fan control for the included 120mm Slip Stream fan.  Once again you also get a good luck at the Trident Fin Structure and the six heatpipes in a "serpenty tangle."


Here is one last closeup for a good luck at Scythe's unique and innovative T.M.L.F. fin design.

Now, we will get to the brunt of installation and testing out Scythe's new Rasetsu cooler!


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