Scythe Rasetsu CPU Cooler Review


Scythe's Rasetsu is their second model to utilize their Trident Multi-Layer Fin technology, and this time comes in a top-flow model which is capable of high performance cooling in even low clearances.


Scythe's Rasetsu utilizes their innovative Trident Multi-Layer Fin (T.M.L.F.) structure, which helps minimize static pressure stagnation, and also claims to increase airflow over the fins themselve over conventional "wall" type fins.  It also has a space between the fins and the fan itself, which minimizes the dead airflow space directly behind the fan motor as well.  As I reported while reviewing Sycthe's first cooler to use this technology, the Yasya, the T.M.L.F. fin structure really looks awesome, and Scythe's beautifully lustrous Nickel-Plating really tops their coolers off in the aesthetics department.  There is always something beautiful when form and function meet and run hand-in-hand, and Scythe has certainly found a way to make this union once again with Rasetsu!


The Scythe Rasetsu Six Heat Pipe Trident Multi-Layer Universal CPU Cooler is a universal CPU solution featuring Trident Multi-Layer technology. By placing the number of triangle shaped main & supplemental heatsink fins in position to maximize the air intake volume, the heat absorb rate from the built-in heatpipes becomes ideal for extreme over-clocking purposes. The Scythe Rasetsu cooler comes stock with the Scythe Slip Stream PWM Fan which allows it's user to choose the fully automated fan speed control that is installed in an open PCI slot. This lets the user control the overall range of PWM functionality.


  • Chop fins arranged in different shapes stairs multi-fin structure Trident Adoption.
  • Intel (including socket 1156/1366) / AMD multi-socket support
  • Rachilla original blade design and large 12cm fan "KAZE JYUNI" model with variable PWM
  • Can change the bandwidth PWM fan speed by itself!
  • Maximum bandwidth 740 ~ 1340rpm ~ 1900rpm 470 from among the smallest band configurations.
  • "Tmlf"multi-fin structure Trident
  • (Trident Multi Layer Fin Structure)
  • "VTMS modified version (Versatile Tool-Free Multiplatform System)
  • Easy one-touch interchangeable clip system uses the familiar stock holes.
  • Optimized design and top-flow type layout.
  • Environmentally friendly RoHS compliant products.


Model: SCRT-1000
Size: Height 130 × 141 × 130mm (overall cooler)
Thick 120 × 120 × 25mm (fans included)
Fan Speed: 740 ± 25% ~ 1900rpm ± 10% (maximum bandwidth)
470 ± 30% ~ 1340rpm ± 10% (minimum bandwidth)
Noise: 9.8 ~ 37.0dBA (maximum bandwidth)
7.05 ~ 27.3dBA (minimum bandwidth)
Airflow: 37.15 ~ 110.31CFM (maximum bandwidth)
23.0 ~ 76.53CFM (minimum bandwidth)
Intel socket: 775/1366/1156
AMD Socket: 754/939/940/AM2/AM2 + / AM3
Heatpipe: 6mm diameter × 6
Weight: 730g

Now, let's take a look at the Rasetsu, up close and personal...


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