Akasa Venom CPU Cooler Review - Pictures



The Venom arrives in a very "cool" looking box with a great yellow-black color scheme and also plenty of information!  The contents are also very well packed and everything rests snugly inside the box.



Here are the contents laid out, including the mounting brackets for both AMD and Intel sockets, the instruction manual, Akasa's high performance Viper fan in "Viper Yellow," and our new Venom CPU cooler.


Here we can see the unique blade design of the included Viper fan, the curve in the blades allows for vortex dissipation, which reduces noise while still allowing for adequate airflow.


Here is our first look at the cooler itself, with a cool-looking graphic on the uppermost fin.  We can also see that the fins are fairly thick, and also relatively closely spaced.


Here we have a look at the four nickel-plated 8mm heatpipes which make up the bottom of the cooler as well.


The four heatpipes make up much of the bottom contact surface of the cooler, and although not perfect, is very smooth. You might also notice that one side has a curved shape to dissipate the dead space behind the fan motor, and the other side has this more jagged shape seen above.


The fan mounts using the rubber mounts which slide into precut and flared grooves on the top and bottom fins.  You are provided with 8 of these to use a push-pull fan configuration.  The rubber mounts dampen vibrations which reduces operating noise of the cooler.


Here is the Venom cooler in all of it's "Yellow Jacket" colored glory!  The color scheme is very well laid out, and is very pleasing!  One thing that would be great is if they offered it in a variety of colors for those who are very particular with their color schemes.  The colors would also react great under UV light!




Now, we will put this cooler into our test computer and see how it does!


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