Akasa Venom CPU Cooler Review


An emerging company in a wide range of computer cooling products, chassis, and peripherals, they are primed to take on the best with their latest high performance CPU cooler, the Akasa Venom.  It has impressive looks, an innovative fan blade design, and lets see how impressive its cooling abilities are!




Venom, this cooler is definitely rock and roll. Venom delivers ultra high performance enabling serious system overclocking. The 12cm killer Viper yellow fan uses S-Flow blades providing 30% more airflow than a standard fan at the same speed. PWM function ensures quiet operation during normal system use and performance cooling under load.

The Black cover and nickel plated heatpipes combined with the Viper yellow elements creates a striking combination which adds pazazz to any system. Four high capacity 8mm heatpipes with direct CPU contact provide rapid heat transfer from CPU to 45 aluminium fins. Anti-vibration rubber fan mounting pins provide easy installation and help to eliminate a lot of fan noise. Adjustable mountings ensure full compatibility with all current AMD and Intel CPU’s.

The Smart cooler design allows for the installation of a second fan, giving extreme performance in a push-pull setup where the first fan “pushes” air through the heatsink’s cooling fins, at the same time the second one “pulls” air through from the other side. The combined airflow of two 12cm fans results in more efficient heat dissipation and consequently lower CPU temperatures.


Socket type Intel LGA775, LGA1156 & LGA1366
AMD 939, AM2, AM2+ & AM3
Cooler dimensions 120 (W) x 96 (D) x 160 (H) mm
Heatsink material High grade aluminium fins, copper heatpipes
Weight 805g
Installation Screws and backplate (Intel)
Cam-lever clip (AMD)
Fan dimension 120 x 120 x 25mm
Fan speed 600-1900 RPM (PWM controlled)
Max airflow 83.63 CFM (141.75 m³/h)
Max air pressure 2.98 mm H2O
Noise level 6.9 - 28.9 dB(A)
Current rating 0.17A
Voltage rating 12V DC
Bearing type HDB (Hydro Dynamic)
Fan life expectancy 50,000 hours
Fan connector 4pin PWM
Product code AK-CCX-4002HP



Performance 12cm PWM fan in killer Viper yellow
4 high capacity 8mm heatpipes with direct CPU contact
Award winning S-FLOW fan blades provide 30% more airflow
Smart design allows for a 2nd fan for extreme performance
Rubber fan mounts for easy installation and quiet performance


The Akasa Venom is an aggressively named and styled cooler which really warrants attention!  We'll show it off next, and then test it and see if it cools as aggressively as its other features!


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