Scythe Yasya SCYS-1000 CPU Cooler Review - Yasya Wrapping Up


The Scythe Yasya is a beautiful cooler, which mixes a perfect blend of pleasing aesthetics with performance advantages, and comes standard with Scythe's renowned Slip Stream fan.  No detail is left out, from the nickel plating, the nickel caps, and rear-mountable fan speed knobs demonstrate Scythe's attention to detail, and encapsulates an experience we think you'd enjoy as much as we did!  We believe this cooler will be a cornerstone in our builds for some time to come!



  • Performance, the T.M.L.F. design really works when the temps begin to climb
  • Looks, the T.M.L.F. fins look awesome, and the nickel plated tower looks great
  • Fan speed knob allows reduction in sound when cooling isn't a top priority
  • Price, for a high end cooler with fan, these have been selling for very good prices


  • Push pins somewhat finicky, only requires a little patience (See HERE)


Overall, we are very impressed with the Scythe Yasya CPU cooler, from it's beastly size, good aesthetics, and good performance, it's really a perfect storm of win combined in a Nickel-Copper CPU cooling tower.

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