Scythe Yasya SCYS-1000 CPU Cooler Review - Yasya Installation


First, we mount the fan to the tower using the supplied brackets.  Although a bit tricky, mounting the fan is very easy, and it's held on very securely.

The brackets hold the fan through the holes on each side, then the long portion of the bracket fits into the slots on the sides of the cooler.

Yasya Fan Install

Yasya With Fan

This is another picture showing the base of the cooler, and showing how the pins or AMD socket mounts attach to the base.

Scythe Yasya Base

Yasya clips

Now, getting it into the case and onto our CPU!  I personally like the security of having a bolt-through mounting system, and for those who think push-pins are a deal-breaker, take a look at This Guide on how to cheaply and easily bolt-through mount your Rasetsu cooler!

Yasya Install

As you can see, during the install, I got some fingerprints on the mirror finish

Yasya Install Top

Yasya Install Side

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