Review: Coolermaster Notepal Ergostand II Cooling Pad


“The NOTEPAL ERGOSTAND II is an ergonomic laptop cooling stand that will make using your laptop fun again” claims Cooler Master, a Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer specializing in coolers, chassis and other specialties.   Well if your laptop has recently stopped being fun due to it constantly crashing from overheat problems or because of neck pains from your monitor not being at an adequate height, then perhaps Cooler Master is justified in making such a bold claim.  The ERGOSTAND II is a 2-in-1 piece of hardware acting as both a powerful yet quiet laptop cooler and a 5 position laptop stand for ergonomic optimization.


Coolermaster Notepal Ergostand II

The NOTEPAL ERGOSTAND II is an ergonomic laptop cooling stand that will make using your laptop fun again. A 140mm silent fan with aerodynamic design keeps your laptop cool and working smoothly. The full mesh surface is easily removable for fan maintenance. 5 Ergonomic height settings let you quickly choose the ideal angle to relieve neck and shoulder pain. 4 additional USB hubs lets you plug in and use more gadgets. A LED strip lights up when and helps you see your keyboard. Compatible with up to 17" laptops.


  • 5 ergonomic height settings for comfortable viewing angle
  • Removable mesh allows easy access to fan for cleaning
  • Optimal cooling performance
  • On/Off LED Indicator Strip
  • Non-slip feet keeps your laptop in place
  • 4 USB outputs
  • Fan on/off + Speed Controller


† Courtesy of Coolermaster





Model R9-NBS-E22K-GP
Color Black
Materials Metal Mesh, Plastic
Weight 1250g
Dimensions 370 x 265 x 43 ~ 199 mm (W x H x D)
(14.6 x 10.4 x 1.7 ~ 7.8 in)
Fan Dimensions 140 x 140 x 15 mm (W / H / D)
(5.5 x 5.5 x 0.6 in)
Fan Speed 700 ~ 1400 ± 150 RPM
Fan Speed Adjustment Fan Speed Dial
Fan Noise Level 15 ~ 21 dBA
Power USB 5V DC
USB USB 2.0 x 4, Mini USB x 1, Micro USB x 1
Compatibility Support up to 17" Laptops




As mentioned, the ERGOSTAND II has a sturdy design consisting of quality materials.  Both the position rod and removable mesh are constructed of metal and the rest of the structure consists of durable plastic.  Also on the bottom of the stand as well as on the two folding feet, is a medium stiffness rubber to hold your laptop in place on slick table / desktops.  The notches in the bottom section of the stand which hold the metal position bar are deep enough to prevent the stand and your laptop from catastrophically slipping out of position to the whims of gravity (and the inevitable abrupt stop to the fall). 


When handling the ERGOSTAND II (which should not be a common occurrence during regular use unless you plan to take this on the go, you can definitely notice that this is a fine piece of hardware.  The entire stand (with the exception of the silver “Cooler Master” logo on the lower center area of the mesh) is of a semi-gloss black color.  A 7 inch blue LED strip is installed on the lower front portion of the stand for illumination of auxiliary keyboards (or your desk if you do not have a keyboard) for a splash of color.  These LEDs aren't obnoxiously bright and can be turned off, thank goodness.  All of the switches and USB ports are located on the back of the stand. 


The switches consist of a push button for toggling the fan and LED strip on and off as well as a variable dial for adjusting fan speed to meet your needs and acoustic tastes.  Next to the push button is a blue LED indicator to indicate that the fan is on, and again, this is relatively subtle but may not be ideal for bedroom use if you intend to leave the fan on.  The USB hub consists of 1 mini USB port (used by the ERGOSTAND II power cable), a micro USB port, and 4 standard USB ports. 

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# Fredy 2014-02-23 10:29
Really nice review, The cooler have 150 RPM and that's acceptable !!