Deepcool Gamer Storm Assassin CPU Cooler Review


Final Thoughts


As far as aesthetics are concerned, the Gamer Storm Assassin boasts quality materials, a unique color scheme, and an imposing presence that stands above a vast share of the CPU cooler market. The two included hydro bearing fans are built to last and certainly don't incite any complaint in the noise department. Unless you unplug any case fans in the immediate vicinity of the cooler, it's unlikely that you'll ever hear them working. The extra long cables and 120mm slot compatible housing of the 140mm fan make both of these air movers fine candidates as premium case fans. Those with a tall set of DIMMs may run into some clearance issues with the front 120mm fan. However, this clash can be quickly corrected by relocating the fan to the aft end of the heatsink. Installation is a hassle free experience thanks to Deepcool's smart approach to retention bracket design and the inclusion of rubber clips to keep evasive fasteners in check.

Despite the ominous heatsink and great looking fans, the price/performance ratio of the $84.99 Assassin leaves us wanting. If you're looking for excellent cooling on a budget, the Arctic Freezer i30 managed to keep our system a few degrees cooler under load at a price of just $49.99. Even the water-cooled level of performance offered by the vertical vapor chambers of the Cooler Master TPC 812 can be had for under $80. If you care to spend the time to optimize the output of the Assassin's fans for overclocking, then you may find great value in what the Assassin offers when it is pushed. For someone looking for a good bang for their buck in a bolt-on package however, we wouldn't recommend the Assassin as a first choice.


The Good

The Bad

  • Killer styling
  • Stealthy fans
  • Extra fan clips and adaptor cables
  • Ease of installation
  • Quality materials and sturdy construction all around
  • Low price to performance ratio considering its size, specs, and price
  • High potential for clashes with tall memory kits
  • Relatively high MSRP of $84.99


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