Fractal Design Adjust 108 Fan Controller Review


Fractal Design's products have always been about blending functionality with clean, simplistic styling.  However, for those looking for a front fan controller on their clean Fractal case, there's something difficult about taking the clean brushed metal look and adding something with chunky knobs, flashy lights, or a cheesy plastic aesthetic.  Fractal makes this transition easy for those who are adamant about maintaining a clean appearance with their Adjust 108 fan controller.  Control up to six fans with a front face that sports the same brushed metal look we've long loved from Fractal, an elegant compromise.


The new Adjust 108 fan controller from Fractal Design offers a simple yet clean option to adjust the speed of your case fans. With a brushed aluminum front panel and smooth moving sliders, it does not only emanate quality but also robustness and preciseness.


The Adjust 108 Fan Controller manages a total of six fans with a maximum of 36W per channel, while grouped three by three for ease of use. With a bi-color LED beneath each of the six sliders, the controller shows the speed of the fan not only by the slider itself but also through the color of the LED; white indicates a low RPM and blue a high RPM.


  • A stylish and minimalistic aluminum front covers the fan controller
  • The Adjust 108 is equipped with six (6) fan channels
  • One bi-color LED per channel, where white describes a low RPM and blue a high RPM
  • Intensity jumper for the LEDs, with options of 100% and 50% intensity and an OFF feature
  • Uses only one 5.25" bay



Power  36W Per Channel
 # of Bays  (1) 5.25" Drive Bay
# of Channels  Six
 Power Connector  SATA / MOLEX w/included Adapter
 Fan Connectors  3-pin (4-pin plastic connectors)
 LEDs  1 per channel, variable intensity w/jumper




The simple box of the Adjust 108 opens up to a basic payload that is also all you need to put the fan controller to work.  A couple mounting screws, a simple user manual, a SATA to MOLEX power adapter cable, the six fan  controllers, and, of course, the Adjust 108 itself.

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