be quiet! Silent Wings 2 140mm Case Fan Review

Final Thoughts

These fans are extremely well-build.  Sturdy frames and solid blades are coupled with some nice design features such as rubber gaskets around the duct frame and dual-length connectors made of either a firm rubber or hard plastic for mounting with rubber push-pins or traditional metal screws.  The fan blades direct clean, quiet airflow into or out of your case through a careful, efficient design of the blades.


The fluid dynamic bearing gives the fans buttery smooth and vibration-free operation that keeps any extraneous noise down as be quiet! commands their Silent Wings 2 to uphold their namesake.  These are dead quiet and a breeze to install (pun intended) with the included rubber push-pins which are leaps and bounds better than the pull-through rubber mounts I've used before.  These fans also look great, in my opinion, and do a good job at moving plenty of airflow at a very low 1000 RPM and making as close to zero noise as I could ever hope for from a case fan.  The only downside is that the static pressure is a little bit weak, so these probably won't make for great heatsink or radiator fans in a high performance machine.



I've made several comparison's to Noctua's NF-P14 FLX fan, which runs at about $29 retail.  If you were hoping be quiet! was going to undercut Noctua by a significant margin in an effort to sell loads of these, you'll be a bit let down.  These can currently be found in the US / North America for about $29.99, but they'll soon hit major retailers and the MSRP will be $24.99, which seems very reasonable.  A fan that can cost as much as some heatsinks is still likely to be a tough sell for the general consumer, especially with some of the fantastic offerings at about $15 that come about 90% of the way to the high-end fans that cost almost twice as much.  But these are aimed at the guys who have some extra dough to lay down to give them that computer that is nearly silent, who've caught that little bug that taunts them whenever they hear the tiniest hint that their machine is running.


The one thing I've always said that these expensive fans have going for them is that they will last.  The sealed bearings won't get gunked up.  The solid blades won't break in a moment of clumsiness poking around in your case while your computer is running.  The bearings are rated for 300,000 hours / 25°C.  That means these will likely last you until the standard boxy computer we know and love doesn't even exist anymore.  If you treat these as an investment, which is hard to wrap your head around for case fans, you can make a very good case that they are worth it.  And if you appreciate silent operation of your rig, these will scratch an itch only other high-end fans will do, and they'll do so very well.  The only thing we'd like to see is to offer a little higher static pressure so we can start slapping these onto our CPU cooling hardware.  As be quiet! makes its way to North America in full force, you'll see more variety out of their Silent Wings 2 line which will include models with 4-pin PWM control.


The Good


The Bad

  • Absolutely silent
  • Rock-solid construction
  • Multiple rubber anti-vibration methods
  • Good airflow
  • Plenty of included accessories
  • High quality bearing, long life times
  • Price.  $25 is alot for a case fan
  • No PWM (although there are included voltage reduction cables)
  • Heavy


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