Phanteks PH-TC12DX CPU Cooler Review



Final Thoughts


Looking past the marketing jargon at what works and what doesn't, the PH-TC12DX does a fine job of competing against other coolers in its segment, and looks very good doing it. The brightly colored heatsinks are sure to spice up any build while the black and silver colorwares will look good next to any components. The mounting system, while being comprised of many parts, offers a very simple and worry-free installation experience for both Intel and AMD builders. Low noise output and extra-long four-pin cables make the 120mm fans very versatile as dedicated cooling fans or second-hand case fans.

Longevity and style are the biggest strengths of this cooler. However, the price/performance ratio of the PH-TC12DX leaves us wanting. If you're looking for excellent cooling on a budget, the Arctic Freezer i30 managed to keep our system a few degrees cooler under load while keeping our wallets $10 fatter. On the other end of the spectrum, one can experience big gains in cooling efficiency with a high-end vapor chamber cooler like the Cooler Master TPC-812 or several water coolers which can be had for ~$10 more. On a sale then, the PH-TC12DX is definitely worth picking up. Until that time comes, we'd suggest comparing temperatures to get more bang for your buck from a pure performance standpoint.


The Good


The Bad

  • Simple, clean design with tasteful color options.
  • Installation is refreshingly simple and robust.
  • Extra-long fan cables increase the long-term usefulness of the fans.
  • Performance could be slightly better for the price.


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