Coolermaster Notepal A200 Notebook Cooler Review


Elegant simplicity and sleek design make this cooling pad a great solution for most laptop users. Powerful enough to cool down high performance gaming laptops while also maintaining a professional appearance for business use; Coolermaster has struck a balance with the Notepal A200 that few other laptop cooling pads do.


The NotePal A200 is designed for laptops up to 16". Dual silent 140mm fans and a heat spreading, hairline finish aluminum pad targets and eliminates laptop heat. The result is your laptop is cool to the touch. The NotePal A200 is well suited for your home or at the office.






Elegant Aluminum Plate
Elegant hairline finish aluminum functions as a cooling pad to spread the heat onto a larger surface. Rubber Grip Strips prevent the notebook from sliding.

Portable and Slim Design
The Notepal A200 can elevate your laptop to a comfortable viewing/typing angle. 23mm ultra slim size allows you to easily carry it around. The Notepal A200 is powered by the notebook’s USB port, thus eliminating the need for a separate power adaptor.


Dual 140mm Fans with Fan Speed Controller
Dual 140mm fans provide excellent cooling performance. Fan speed can be adjusted to accommodate the user’s environment.

Courtesy of Cooler Master




Model R9-NBC-A2HS-GP
Material Aluminum, Plastic
Weight 692g / 1.5lbs
Dimensions (W/H/D)

367 x 262 x24.5~60mm /

14.4 x 10.3 x 0.9~2.4 inch

Fan Dimensions (W/H/D) 140 x 140 x15mm (x2)
Fan Speed 700~1200 RPM ±15%
Fan Speed Adjustment Fan speed dial
Fan Airflow 92 CFM
Fan Noise Level (dBA) 20~28dBA
Power USB 5V DC
Power Consumption 2.4 W
Compatibility Supports up to 16" laptops
Courtesy of Cooler Master


Packaging and Included Accessories

box frontbox back

A classically-branded white box with purple trim highlights the key features and specs of the A200. A mini to USB power cable and a simple, multilingual owner’s manual are included.



Cooler Master Notepal A200 Notebook Cooler Review - TopCooler Master Notepal A200 Notebook Cooler Review - Closeup Top Surface

The body of the A200 is a combination of aluminum and sturdy plastic that work together to create a lightweight yet durable housing. Many cooling pads are geared towards gamers with solid black designs and multicolor LEDs. The silver on black combination of the A200, however, is attractive and professional, making this cooling pad appropriate for nearly any environment.

The four rubber grips keep your laptop firmly in place over the large perforated fan vent. Cool air is directed across the whole bottom surface of your laptop, while the aluminum helps disperse heat.


Cooler Master Notepal A200 Notebook Cooler Review - BottomCooler Master Notepal A200 Notebook Cooler Review - Fan Closeup

The two 140mm fans have a max rotation speed of 1200 RPMs each, meaning plenty of cool air to the areas your laptop needs it most yet is relatively low for good acoustic performance. This setup offers plenty of opportunity for air movement while elevated or flat. Despite how much air is being moved by these fans, the unit is whisper quiet and runs only slightly louder than the standard laptop fan with both fans on the A200 are on their highest speed.


Cooler Master Notepal A200 Notebook Cooler Review - bottom feetCooler Master Notepal A200 Notebook Cooler Review - USB hub closeup

The ergonomic feet offer a very comfortable amount of elevation and provide more space for improved air movement. The feet collapse towards the center of the unit, making them less likely to collapse while pushing or pulling your laptop across the desk, a common flaw of many notebook cooling pads and keyboards alike.

One slight downside to the A200 is it is difficult to use away from the desk. The fans are flush with the bottom of the unit, making it impossible to use on your lap without choking them. The feet lack much surface area or elevation to work correctly when placed on your lap or on a soft surface like a couch. This does not come as much of a surprise, however, as this is a fairly common issue with most cooling pads, and the cooler itself will allow the built-in fans to work more efficiently and shield your legs from the laptop's heat at the very least.

The A200 is USB-powered and comes with a mini to USB cord. You don’t have to worry about sacrificing one of your USB ports for this fan as there is a 2 port hub built right in.  Some may wish for 4 hub ports for more permanent "dock" solutions, but Cooler Master clearly had a reason to keep the number of ports to a minimum, either for keeping price down or based upon customer feedback.

The fan speed control dial is located right next to the ports making it easy to fine tune the speed to match your cooling needs or acoustic preference. Although the fans run quietly even at full speed, having the ability to run at a lower speed when in a quiet environment like an office or library or keep the fans running on max during gaming is a nice feature and one that we've come to expect from Cooler Master and notebook coolers in general.



Image courtesy of Cooler Master


I tested this pad with an HP Envy 17 (which is notorious for running hot) during both normal use and gaming. The A200 performed beautifully, noticeably reducing surface temperatures of the Envy and making it far more comfortable to use. The typical ‘hot spots’ on the aluminum bodied notebook remained comfortable to the touch, even after hours of heavy, non-stop use with the laptop’s thermal control system (called CoolSense by HP) feature turned off.  The end result is less stress on the notebook's cooling system and better overall acoustics.  Overall, with the lack of specific on-board fan controls, we can't deduce the overall temperature benefit on indidvidual components as the chassis and CPU fans will cycle based upon the BIOS' ramp schedule (which we aren't allowed to touch) so we can't isolate the cooler in the overall cooling system.


Final Thoughts


Image courtesy of Cooler Master


Very few laptop coolers are portable, powerful and elegant enough to fit into nearly any environment or setup; Coolermaster’s A200 NotePal does a great job of walking this fine line of business professional and gaming practical. It is a logical addition to nearly any laptop setup and should help prolong the life of your computer by keeping important components cooler without overworking your machine’s built-in fan.  For those with premium aluminum-bodied laptops like the HP Envy or a MacBook, they will pair nicely with the A200.  The A200 leaves little to desire, with good airflow, great build quality, quiet operation, fan control, and good ergonomics, although some might really miss the two extra USB ports that the A200 omits.


The Good

  • Ergonomic design is very comfortable to use
  • Very stable - even when fully elevated
  • Anti-slip pads on the surface of the cooling pad do a great job holding the laptop in place
  • Quiet fans, even when running at full speed
  • Fan speed control dial
  • Two extra USB ports on the base

The Bad

  • Not the best solution for use away from a desk or other hard surface

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# swathi 2013-03-29 01:57
coolers are well suited to laptops that have vents on its base because it prevents these vents from being blocked regardless of what ever surface the laptop is used on.fore,these multi-surface coolers are suitable for use on
and uneven/soft surfaces and outdoors.