Cooler Master Notepal Ergo 360 Laptop Cooling Pad Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts


For $40, you get a unique cooler with a clean look (and I personally love the brushed metal look) and simple operation.  For those also looking for a tablet stand, the Ergo 360 has added value which helps make a pair of twenty dollar bills worth it.  For those who often share their notebook screens, the swivel mechanism would come in handy for you.  And although I tend to prefer a single larger fan as opposed to two smaller fans, as you generally have lower noise for a given amount of airflow, the noise levels are still very low and nothing I'd find myself complaining about.  It also wouldn't have been practical, or possible really, to install a single larger fan since the stand mechanism takes up most of the room in the center of the cooler.


The Notepal Ergo 360 is definitely more a home or office companion, with its unique screen-sharing swivel, and the fact that it's rather bulky in both size and weight.  It weighs about 2lbs, and it's awkwardly thick to pack away in most notebook bags.  We would also like to see a fan speed adjustment, but are happy that the cable management is there if you want to stow the USB cable.  The convertible stand which works for tablets is also a nice companion around the house, or where you might use the tablet at work.


The Good

  • Unique swiveling design
  • Attractive brushed aluminum
  • Solid build
  • Convertible notebook/tablet stand
  • Reasonably quiet
  • Built-in cable stowage

The Bad

  • Bulky (rather thick and almost 2lbs)
  • No fan speed adjustment



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