Cooler Master Notepal Ergo 360 Laptop Cooling Pad Review - Design




 The upper surface of the Ergo 360 is made up of a large black brushed aluminum plate which meshes solidly with the rest of the plastic chassis.  The cooling duty is taken care of by two 80mm fans which each have a max rotation speed of 1700 RPM.  Above the fans are flexible vents which slightly direct the airflow toward the front of the cooler.  The cooler feels assuringly solid, but is also rather hefty weighing in at about 2lbs.  The bottom edge has a raised sill and two foldable tabs to hold your notebook in place, especially when the stand is fully deployed at about 50-60°.  The bottom has raised feet on the front and back which prevent the swiveling pad from touching the surface when it's stowed away.  Rubber pads do a satisfactory job of prevent sliding on the desktop, and a simple USB stowage slot is included near the back of the cooler.  One either side of the swivel stand are the two vents for the 80 mm fans.





The swivel pulls out with a slight "click" as it snaps into  place, and a support piece swivels up and notches into the primary arm into one of several points, which allows you to set the amount of tilt.  The swivel mechanism is smooth, and the front feet don't have any rubber so that it swivels smoothly.  The swivel stand also quickly and easily detaches and can be used as a convenient table holder, a unique and intelligent solution to hit two birds with one stone.


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